The Sociovino Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome to Sociovino's Christmas Gift Guide, placing what we love about Italian culture front and centre of this festive season: unparalleled generosity, celebration and a passion for quality and big flavours. Already know what you want? Head to the Christmas Shop now.

Christmas wine table

Behind the Selection

While we've always encouraged the gifting of our bottles as the perfect way to treat a loved one, we know it can be overwhelming finding gifts for so many different tastes in the run up to Christmas.

That's why we've created a Christmas Gift Collection that gives you as much or as little choice as you want - whether you want us to select your sips for you, through our Christmas Cases, Cocktail Kits or Seasonal Subscription; or whether you know exactly which bottle will make a loved one smile this December.

We have beautiful picks for the foodies amidst the family, the flavour-obsessives amongst your friends, and for any of the faces who have done you a favour through a year of chaos and Covid. We also have beautiful bottles for you to enjoy yourself - because, frankly, we think you deserve to raise a glass to surviving 2021.

All of our gifts come from small producers whose unparalleled resilience, expertise and passion for quality makes their bottles the perfect option for the big moments in life.

Whatever you need to say this Christmas, we hope we can help you say it with Sociovino.

Christmas Wine Case

The Classic Christmas Case



The Wine Lover's Christmas Case

Everyone has that friend or family member who dives for the wine list when it's brought to the table, who spends that extra minute or two devouring the wine selection, who can't wait to tell you about their new favourite wine discovery. Well this, gift-giver, is the case for them. We've selected six wines from some of the world's iconic wine regions, made using the most revered grape varieties, three whites and three reds. But we've chosen bottles from our roster of small producers, who challenge the notion that wines from famous wine regions are one dimensional, and who produce some of the very best, small-batch examples of these iconic wines. 

For £99 you can gift six sensational bottles, boxed up in Sociovino's classic style, with a guide to each wine, its tasting notes, and what to pair it with.

Discover the full case here



Cocktail Kits:

Spirits can be a pretty personal choice, but there are a few cocktails we like to think of as all-crowd pleasers - particularly when they're made with the highest quality ingredients, and topped off with a 10% discount across the bottles included. Whether it's a Negroni, an Espresso Martini or a world-changing Aperitivo you think they'd like, we'll box it up and deliver some beautiful full-sized bottles from Italy and the Netherlands' best producers, alongside a gift note and a guide to the spirits, the cocktail's recipe and alternative uses for the bottles in case they want to get creative this Christmas. Perfect for people who love a party.

Discover our Cocktail Kits here.


Negroni Kit

The Negroni Kit - £59.99


Boxed Up Bubbles:

If you've ever received a beautiful bottle of something bubbly, you know the feeling it gives you, a feeling you only get when you receive something you'd very rarely buy for yourself. We've selected our favourite sparklings to show your family and friends you're thinking of them, whether they want to pop it open on Christmas, or save it to brighten up a rainy day. All delivered in a classy wooden box with a personalised gift note to say you any hassle.

Box up and gift a glorious grower Champagne.


Champagne Christmas Table

Gift Cards:

We know the thought of gifting someone a bottle of wine can be quite daunting at times - but we also know it's always a great gift to receive. With our range of Gift Cards you can save yourself some angst and leave the decision to them (and introduce them to their soon-to-be favourite small business at the same time!). Gift Cards start from £25 and are delivered to you inbox to print or forward on throughout the festivities.

Explore our Digital Gift Cards here - from £25



We've spotlighted three of our favourite single bottles, a 'bottle of both' case and some Magnums to help you choose what to send. They all come boxed in either wood or a classy cardboard case, alongside a personalised gift note.


frankincense pairing

The Bottle of Both Box - Gold, £50 (incl. card box & gift note)

If you're not sure whether your lucky recipient is quicker to reach for the white or the red, or you think they deserve more than just one bottle under the tree this year, we'll deliver them a bottle of both. We've designed three tiers - Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (of course) - to suit your budget (and don't worry, we won't tell the recipient how you've ranked them...). Although we're a little biased, we think the Gold pairing is a real corker. A stunning, steely, premium village-level organic Sancerre and one of Spain's most sought after Riojas from Creaciones Exeo come together to deliver Christmas at its classiest, for just £55 including gift wrapping.
Shop our Bottle of Both boxes now.


Barolo Serralunga, Ettore Germano, £44.50 (inc. wooden gift box & gift note)

The Barolo Serralunga from Ettore Germano puts up a strong argument for the best value, premium Barolo anywhere in the wine world. Sergio Germano has crafted a Barolo here that offers notes of strawberries, cherries, dried rose, liquorice, aniseed, dried herbs, earthy tar and violets. It’s the combination of ethereal fruit and dark undertones that has garnered Barolo so many fans across the wine world, and this Barolo Serralunga is the perfect example as to why. It also makes the perfect accompaniment to any festive dinner table worth its salt. Shop now.


Intuition Brut NV, Legras and Haas, (inc. wooden gift box & gift note)

A stunning grower Champagne from the chalky soils of Chouilly produced by family-run winery, Legras and Haas. Balanced, complex, and refined, this is a beautiful Champagne for any occasion - so beautiful, in fact, we've picked this as the Champagne best for drinking on the big day, so you can also find it in our Christmas Day Case.
Shop now - £45


Sauvignon 'Winkl', Catina Terlano, (incl. card box & gift note)

Italy's best, most famous Sauvignon Blanc and for good reason. The expert white wine makers Cantina Terlano direct their 100+ years of experience into this magical bottle. This Sauvignon is enticingly exotic in the glass, with multi-layered fruit of mango, papaya, lime and red grapefruit, and herbal aromas reminiscent of lemon grass, mint and green tea. On the palate, the wine offers a fascinating interplay of juicy fruit and delicate minerality creating a harmonious opulence with a long and impressive finish, worthy of the most wonderful of friends - and the biggest of celebrations.
Shop now - £29.25


Sauvignon Cantina Terlano



There are few times of year better suited to pulling out a Magnum. Fortunately, Christmas (outside of lockdown) is the perfect time to bring together all of those you love - and to indulge a little more than you might in normal circumstances. While you might just think to stock up on more bottles to cater for your festive plans, opening up and pouring a Magnum brings a sense of celebration that a single bottle finds hard to compete with. That's why one of our top tips for Christmas this year is to make the most of the hospitality we're able to gift our loved ones in the way we weren't able to last year - by adding a couple of Magnums to our own wine racks, or by sending them to those you'd like to let know you're thinking of.

We have a selection of our favourite bottles, both still and sparkling, in Magnum format, from Grande Cuvées to beautiful examples of Barbaresco, Barolo and Brunello di Montalcino. Perfectly paired with a personalised Gift Note.

Explore our Magnums in the Gift Shop.



Around the festive frenzy of the Christmas period comes, for many of us, an increased awareness of the impact our December indulgences can have on the world around us. We celebrate the stunning wines and spirits sourced from sustainable producers all year round, but we think they'll make a particularly good gift for the more conscious among your loved ones this Christmas.

The Sustainable Christmas Case, £125

Sustainable Christmas Wine Case

High on your list for Christmas this year might be items that leave the smallest footprints on our planet, be that through packaging, provenance, or production methods. We are passionate about sustainability, as are many of our producers and for this case of six bottles, we have selected bottles with maximum flavours for Christmas Day but that have minimal impact on the planet.

From eco-pioneers, to humble organic farmers, this case celebrates the best of sustainable wine-making, taking you through a small-batch grower Champagne, two red wines, two white wines and a Moscato D'Asti.

Discover the Sustainable Christmas Case here.


The Salcheto Gift Box, £71.75

Salcheto are pioneers in wine-making not just in Tuscany but across the world. Paying more attention to the ecological impact of their production than anyone else, you'd think the wines would be an afterthought but you can think again. In this 3-pack, you get to experience the best of Tuscan winemaking, all using the Sangiovese grape which is hard to beat as we cosy into Christmas. A fresh, fruity and easy-drinking Chianti, a complex, refined and concentrated Vino Nobile, and a mature, intriguing and earthy Vino Nobile Riserva. All delivered in a beautiful wooden case, with a Gift Note, making the perfect gift for a red wine fan keen to discover wine producers with a thought for impact at the heart of their philosophy.

Discover the Salcheto Gift Box here.



Premixed Cocktails, from £30.75:

We all have friends or relatives that lie a cut above the rest when it comes to taste - those that possess a level of class we can only dream of, those of whom we ask the question: 'what do I buy for someone who has it all!?'

Enter, Sociovino's selection of barrel-aged pre-mixed cocktails from Piemonte's Antica Quaglia Distilleria. Celebrating some of the world's classiest cocktails through the use of all-natural ingredients and botanicals, these bottles are incomparably beautiful in flavour and cool in design. Ready to pour over ice, these bottles are perfect for the hosts who greet their guests with more than a glass of wine - a Negroni, Americano, or Martinez to be precise. Choose one, two, or three of the three chosen blends and we'll box them up with a personalised gift note. 

Discover our premixed cocktail bottles.


cocktail gift

Vermouth is on the rise in popularity (you heard it here first..), and we're pretty thrilled to be riding the wave with some of the best Vermouths on the market.

Vermouth Rosso Superiore: Our Vermouth Berto Rosso reaches a delicious harmony with prestigious Piedmont wines, aromatic herbs, exotic spices and an irresistible sweetness. All the ingredients along with a neutral grape spirit, are aged slowly in stainless steel tanks and come together to make a classic red vermouth.
Shop now.


Vermouth Rosso

Vermouth Bianco Superiore: A traditional Piedmontese aromatized wine, showing beautiful bitter notes of Wormwood combined with delicate hints of spices and flowers. Shop now.

vermouth bianco  


Some people commit to the culinary and cocktail delights of Christmas more than others. If you have a friend who starts mulling wine from the 1st November, we know they'll love this festive classic. Made by By The Dutch, this is a traditional Egg Liqueur with a true Dutch heritage. A super versatile liqueur, we love this in the winter for some warming drinks on a chilly evening, and know it'll contribute to some unforgettable Christmas cocktails for friends or family.

Wrap up By The Dutch Advocaat


advocaat by the dutch 


For the Foodies - Sociovino's Seasonal Subscription:

Some people deserve more than a stocking filler. In fact, they deserve a wine rack filler, and there are few better (or more affordable) ways to offer that than via our Seasonal Subscription Case. Subscribe your loved one for one season or for a whole year, and we'll deliver 12 wines to their doorstep every three months, boxed up with two wine-paired seasonal recipes designed by up-and-coming chefs, a guide to every wine included and membership with Sociovino's Wine Club, RISERVA, offering cross-site discounts and event invitations.

Our Winter Case hits the shelves on 24th November, and first deliveries will head out on the 1st December. It features two beautiful recipes from Natalie Chassay, celebrating the very best of Winter produce. Featured in House & Garden, The Independent and the Evening Standard, it's the perfect gift for the foodies in your life.

Christmas Tip: The Independent included our subscription case in their top recommendations for 'Wine Advent Calendars', because, with 12 wines in tow, you can crack one open for each of the 12 days of Christmas...we think that beats a partridge in a pear tree.


christmas wine subscription

Discover the Seasonal Subscription here.



The Christmas Classics Case, £167.50:

 christmas day wines

Christmas day deserves a reach to the top shelf. It deserves delicious bottles to accompany special moments shared with friends and family. Wines full of personality, wines full of flavour, yet wines so perfectly balanced that they might just disappear too quickly. As you know, we champion bottles from small producers and for your Christmas Day wines, we have chosen some of our very favourite bottles, bottles that will bring nothing but joy to your festive proceedings. One Champagne, two whites, two reds, and a dessert wine to match all of Christmas Day's magical courses, and to have you sipping merrily well into the evening. Big moments deserve small producers, and these are some of the very best. Order your Classic Christmas Case now.


Buon Natale and alla vostra salute!

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