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Wine is a magical product, the result of a combination air, land, sea, agriculture, human intervention, and innovation. But it is also a tangible, physical asset with limited production quantities that are made to be consumed.

As an investment product, Fine Wine enjoys the unusual characteristic of having low correlation with other markets; it is dictated entirely by supply and demand. Supply decreases every time a bottle is opened and demand for Fine Wine continues to increase in many of the world’s growth economies, particularly in Asia.

“Traditionally, French wines have dominated the Fine Wine market...but 2020 saw an almost 100% increase in Italian wine investment”

Chris Mercer

Traditionally, French wines have dominated the Fine Wine market, with investors putting significant amounts behind Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne, but, in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the Italian Fine Wine. 2020 saw an almost 100% increase in Italian wine investment on 2019 and this trend is set to continue with a series of good vintages in Piedmont and Tuscany since 2015. Whilst many of Italy’s most famous producers and appellations already command high prices, there is a breadth to the Italian Fine Wine offering that is quite unique. There are still undiscovered gems and wines of the highest quality at great prices. With over 30 years’ experience importing Italian wines and supplying the UK wine trade, Sociovino is expertly placed to advise and give you access to some of Italy’s rising Fine Wine stars direct from the source.