Slovenian wines, in particular Slovenian white wines, are something that we have always championed. Still one of the world’s best-kept wine secrets, Slovenian wine producers deserve the growing international recognition that they are currently enjoying. Contrary to what you might think, wine and winemaking is very much part of life in Slovenia and it has been since ancient times. Unlike other, more famous, European wine-producing countries, Slovenian winemaking pre-dates the Romans and can be traced back to the Celtics and Illyrians.

One of Slovenia’s three main wine regions shares a border with Italy’s Friuli so it’s no wonder world-class white wines are being produced here. You might not know Slovenian wines because almost 90% of production is consumed domestically. That which does leave the country is worth snapping up. After becoming liberated from Yugoslavian rule in 1991, many small Slovenian wine producers reclaimed state-owned land and re-established their wineries. Following in their footsteps is one of Styria’s youngest wineries, Verus situated in Styria.

Styria, or Stajerska, is Slovenia’s largest wine region and it is there that the hilly area of Ormož can be found. Cooled by the Adriatic sea and the Pannonian plain, the vineyards here are perfect for the production of pure, fresh white wines. Indigenous varieties include Furmint, Traminer and Riesling with Sauvignon Blanc also commonplace. If you’re interested in reds, look out for Blaufränkisch and Pinot Noir!

Set up in 2007 in Ormož by four friends, Verus now produce benchmark Slovenian white wines and have received international acclaim for their Verus Sauvignon Blanc, in particular. With naturally high acidity, beautiful pure red apple and pink grapefruit notes as well as a surprisingly round, medium body, it is the perfect white for a warm Spring evening. Home of truly amazing value wines, broaden your palate with a case of Slovenian wine from Sociovino.

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