There’s nothing quite like popping the cork on a cold bottle of white wine on a warm summer’s day. Sharing the bottle with friends over good conversation or pouring as an accompaniment to some grilled seafood. For many of us, the bottle for this occasion should be bright, refreshing, moreish and delicious. In this collection we have curated these exact wines for you, our favourite Crisp and Fresh white wines at every price point for you to enjoy.

Cooler grape-growing climates tend to be where we find the crispest whites, think northern Italy, northwest Spain, northern France, eastern Europe and any spot blessed with vineyards at altitude! Lower temperatures, increased rainfall, and coastal breezes help the grapes to retain acidity during their ripening season which keeps the wines refreshing in the glass.

Grape variety can play a part in the crispness of a wine too, with some varieties naturally producing wines with more citrus and orchard fruit characteristics. Classic examples of this are Italy’s Pinot Grigio and Spain’s Albariño. In some of the wines in this collection you might also notice a slight floral edge, with notes of blossom creeping into wines like Gavi. Our favourites have their crisp and fresh character enhanced by a mineral accent, picking up flavours from the specific soils in regions like Chablis and Soave, or from the sea’s influence in coastal areas like Rìas Baixas and Le Marche.

The difficulty in producing a white wine that is crisp and fresh is holding onto concentration of flavour and ensuring the acidity doesn’t outweigh the fruit (we’ve all tasted a Pinot Grigio in the pub that tastes like acidy water!) Don’t worry though, none of these wines are simple, diluted, or dull. They all have their own distinct personality, sense of place and brightness of character. The common denominator here is their versatility, their mouth-watering freshness and their perfect matching with seafood!

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