Wine, our raison d’être, the reason we’re here and hopefully the same goes for you. You’re currently browsing our full wine catalogue and you can think of this selection as an extension of us: a reflection of our tastes, of our personalities, and of everything we love about this magical world of fermented grape juice. We promise you small producers and big flavours. Wines with identity, personality, and definition. Some playful, some serious, some for everyday and some for special occasions.

You’ll find many Italian wines in here as Italy was our first love, it’s where it all began. There is such diversity within the passion-filled boot, and we love showcasing wines from every corner. But you’ll find wines from elsewhere too. Wines that we’ve encountered on our journeys through Austria, France, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia Australian, New Zealand, South Africa…hopefully the list will continue to grow!

We have divided our wines into the eight style categories to help you choose and if you’re struggling to decide, check out the mixed cases that our team have hand-picked. They are a great way to experiment and explore.

If food is at the centre of this particular occasion, then don’t forget about the Sociovino Selector that will suggest wines based on your dish! Happy browsing, and we’re down in the bottom left if you need us!

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