How can one word cover so many flavours? From Gin to Grappa and from Brandy to Vodka, every corner of the earth has its own method of distilling, infusing, and crafting spirits of beauty. Such a shame, then, that so many of the bottles we see on shop shelves are homogenous, characterless bottles of mass production.

Well not here! It was a natural step for us from Wines to Spirits (admittedly it was via Vermouth) because so much of the ethos is shared between the small producers in either world. The small spirits producers we're proud to showcase here are as committed to the raw ingredients, to the preservation of flavour, and to the delicate complexities in flavour that come from natural production methods, as anyone we've met elsewhere.

Take Capovilla, expert Grappa and Eau de Vie producer in Emilia-Romagna. Not only do they organically grow many of the grapes and fruits they use in production, but they have always distilled using the slowest, most quality-preserving method in existence - the bain-marie method - and the results are outstanding. Or take The Oxford Artisan Distillery, the first organic certified 'grain-to-glass' spirits producer in the UK. They even grow their very own heritage grain, the key ingredient into their Whisky, Gin, and Vodka - now you tell us you don't taste the difference.

You'll find many Italian producers in here, there is such breadth to the history and production of their spirits that we couldn't help but keep adding! But you'll find gems from the UK, the Netherlands, and the Caribbean too. 

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