Wine Tastings

Like you, we love nothing more than sharing a great glass of wine with friends. Even better if you know a little bit about what's going in the glass too! We're so passionate about every bottle we sell, it's always such a pleasure to share this with people interested to learn.

The team at Sociovino loves hosting down-to-earth, fuss-free wine tastings for tasters at every level, curated to your specific group. We've got many years of experience organising wine tastings for private and corporate groups, sizes from 10 - 100+. Take a look at what we can offer below, and let us know how we can help!

We're very happy to say we can now host physical and virtual tasting events.

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An Introduction to Tasting Wine

£50 per person (virtual only)
10+ people, 1.5 hours

No matter where you are in the industry, you will interact with wine in a similar way, breaking down tasting into three or four different stages. In this virtual tasting, we take you through the fundamentals of how to taste wine and we explore three artisan wines from top producers in Italy. By unpicking how best to taste wine, we learn how to discern quality and also isolate our own tastes to help us understand what we like about certain wines and why.

So, whether you’re a complete beginner or you have a growing wine collection, this session will take you back to basics and help improve your ability to taste wine, teaching you what to look for in your glass.

  • Three wines sent to each participant (UK only)
  • 1.5 hour tasting
  • Hosted by one of our team of wine experts and industry professionals

Bespoke Tastings

If your group has experience tasting wines, or if you want to explore one particular theme through a tasting, then let us know and we can build a bespoke tasting just for you. We have experience hosting sessions on one grape variety, on a particular region, on food and wine pairing, for wine clubs and much more.

Write to us below and let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll build the perfect tasting for you.

Prices start from £50/head and can be hosted in person, depending on group size

  • Nebbiolo’s many guises
  • Wines from the world’s top cooperatives
  • Warm climates vs Cool climates
  • Italy’s indigenous varieties
  • Barolo communes
  • Exploring Sangiovese


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