Warm climates and sun-kissed vineyards are where growers are able to produce the ripest of grapes. It is here - in southern Italy, central and southern Spain, the sun-drenched Italian Dolomites and much of the New World - that we find white wines whose main appeal is their delicious, fruity core. Juicy notes of white peach, ripe pear, nectarine and even pineapple adorn the wines in this selection which are always lifted by lovely acidity.

Now you might be thinking that fruity means sweet – well oh no it doesn’t! This one of the wine world’s greatest misconceptions. All of these ripe and fruit-driven wines are dry, aka all of the sugar from the grapes used to produce these bottles has been fermented into alcohol. The residual sugar, as we call it in the industry, is next to nothing. The fruitiness comes from the perfect ripeness of the grapes and the flavour compounds that develop in their skins and pulp. So, you can relax in knowing you’re going to enjoy a pleasurable, fruity drop without any lingering sugar on your palate!

Not all grape varieties thrive the warmer climates where we find these wines, many lose acidity too quickly during the summer months and make flabby, unbalanced wines. We’ve carefully selected the best examples of grapes like Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Grillo and Greco di Tufo, all of which reach their potential in the heat. They hold onto their freshness whilst developing some beautiful, juicy and often complex fruity personalities. Often this higher fruit concentration is balanced by some body too, expect lots of medium-bodied wines with a lovely texture. The levelled-up flavours in our ripe and fruit-driven wines will stand up to some stronger foods, think meaty fish dishes and even white meats with lighter sauces.

If you want your white wine to pack a fruity punch, without any of that feared sweetness, then these are the wines for you. And if you’ve only just discovered that you can have ripeness in a wine without sweetness, then you can thank us later!

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