Fans of Rhône wines will be familiar with the name Farge, thanks to the excellent work of Guy Farge and his eponymous Domaine over the past 25 years. Today, his son Thomas takes the reins at the family winery making him the fifth generation Farge at the head of the estate, and he is pointing the wines in a decidedly new direction.

Taking over the winery was always at the back of Thomas's mind but, before continuing his father's work, Thomas spent time around the world studying, working and gaining a significant appreciation for the natural world. No sooner had Thomas taken his seat at the helm of the Domaine than he had begun the winery's conversion to organic farming. Beyond this, Thomas keenly began employing the practices of biodynamic farming appreciating the extra connection it gives him to the land.

Situated in between the two most age-worthy regions of the Northern Rhône, Thomas Farge produces one Cornas and two Saint Joseph wines, alongside two IGPs. Thomas is absolutely committed to following on from the style from his predecessors, that of concentration partnered with unwavering freshness but with a marked shift into the important considerations of the modern winemaking era. Thomas has spent significant time isolating the different vineyard plots and caring for them in ways that suit their individual needs in order to produce the highest quality fruit. The same can be said for the work in the winery, careful separation of plots when fermenting to ensure optimum characteristics in the wine. Thomas Farge's wines are moving confidently towards low intervention as he explains he has the utmost confidence in the terroir and the grapes.

Expect wines of serious poise that display concentration and balance right from the classy outset.

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