Phigaia 'After the Red', Serafini & Vidotto

Type: Red Wine
Style: Earthy & Savoury
Vintage: 2017
Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
ABV: 13.0%
Bottle Size: 75cl
Pairing Notes
Red Meat
White Meat
Wine Notes
Now - 5 Yrs
Flavours Blackcurrant, Coffee, Red Cherry
About the wine

A seductive wine punching well above its weight, the Serafini & Vidotto Phigaia offers ripe blackcurrant, black berry and raspberry character, a juicy full body with oaky complexity and a curious bit of development. This is calling for some roast lamb, a good steak or strong cheese.

This Italian Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot has bundles of berry fruit character that jump out of the glass. Underneath there are hints of coffee, charred wood and nutmeg which persist in the mouth. It’s fun and serious at the same time, a bit like your favourite teacher. On the fun side there is blackcurrant fruit for days, with cassis and sour cherry notes too. On the serious side there is spicy complexity that gives way to an earthy undergrowth note that would make this the perfect pairing for some ripe cheese or slow cooked red meat.

About the wine

The Serafini & Vidotto Phigaia is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon (40/40/20). The grapes are picked at different times so they can all reach optimum ripeness but soon after fermentation they are blended before being aged in oak barrels for between 12-18 months. Some of these barrels are new oak, which means we get a lot of spicy flavours transferred, particularly vanilla and nutmeg. The oak also helps with the development of the fruit, this is where we get the dried prune and raising note from, maybe even some of the coffee notes. The wine then spends another 2 years in bottle before release. A mature wine this certainly is!

Serafini & Vidotto is a family run winery, set up in then 80s by two school friends. Today, they are respected as one of the best winemakers in Veneto, in particular for their Italian Bordeaux blends that are in a very different guise to those from Tuscany.