Founded by schoolfriends Franco Serafini and Antonello Vidotto in 1986, the Serafini and Vidotto winery in Veneto produce a combination of the native and indigenous wines and the powerful and seductive wines. The grounds of a 16th Century Abbey are where the vineyards of the winery are situated and it is this abbey that gives its name to Serafini & Vidotto’s most impressive wine, Il Rosso dell’Abazia (The Red from the Abbey).

In this relatively unknown wine region named Colli Asolani, north west of Treviso, Serafini & Vidotto’s studying of the land and climate uncovered the perfect site for the international varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Today, the families cultivate all of these powerful grapes alongside varieties like Glera and Recantina that have been in the area for centuries. From the full-bodied, rich and complex, to the unknown, mineral and funky, to the fresh, delicate and bright, Serafini & Vidotto’s wines have so much to offer and shine a light on some styles unique in the region.

Beyond Il Rosso dell’Abazia, the Cabernet Franc dominated Phigaia is a beautiful ripe expression of the variety, with bundles of cassis and silky tannins. Recantina, with its dusty minerality and deep blue fruit character, is a grape that was almost extinct until Serafini & Vidotto refocussed their attention and increased plantings. And for an elegant, fresh and delicate sparkling pink Prosecco (almost but not quite), the Bollicine Rosé is a must taste and a serious pick for wine of the summer.

Serafini & Vidotto are part of the Vino Libero movement, a movement of wineries that produce wines as naturally as possible, using organic interventions and a hands off approach in the winery.

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