Malvasia-Chardonnay, Ortonese

Type: White Wine
Style: Crisp & Fresh
Vintage: 2020
Grape Variety: Chardonnay, Malvasia
ABV: 12.0%
Bottle Size: 75cl
Pairing Notes
Wine Notes
Flavours Lemon, Melon, Peach
About the wine

Coming from the warm but tempered shores of Chieti in Abruzzo on Italy’s east coast, this Malvasia Chardonnay from Ortonese is a ripe, fruity and easy-drinking Italian white wine. Ripe peach, juicy pear, hints of mango and even fig are all present here, they are joined by a round body and great balance thanks to the Chardonnay grapes that thrive in the sunny conditions that are cooled by a coastal breeze. Malvasia, to the blend brings a freshness, a citrus backbone and a lovely, dried herb note which comes through on the finish. This wine is one to keep in the fridge as it will slip down perfectly on its own or accompanying light vegetable or fish dishes.

About the wine

This Malvasia Chardonnay wine undergoes a cold and slow fermentation process after a delicate pressing of the grapes, this is to preserve the fresh, perfumed aromas that we appreciate in the wine! Expert winemakers at the Caldora cooperative in Abruzzo produce this delicious, cracking value white wine under their Ortonese label. The winery is based in the town of Ortona and there are over 700 growers who contribute grapes to their production. This breadth of vineyard sites means that they can consistently produce wines of great quality at prices we appreciate!