Limoncello, Terra Di Limoni

Type: Limoncello
ABV: 25.0%
Bottle Size: 50cl
About this Limoncello

Limoncello is a world famous liqueur made with lemons, that is immensely attractive due to its bright yellow colour and intense perfume of lemons. That said, few Limoncello bottlings are the product of truly high-quality artisan productions. Made from real "lo sfusato" lemons (not like most of the stuff you've taste), a typical type of lemon grown on the Amalfi Coast.

For the joy of spirits lovers everywhere, the De Riso family, owner since 1927 of the Costieragrumi company that selects and sells the famous lemon of the Costa d’Amalfi, bought in 2002 a small artisanal laboratory specialized in the production of high quality liqueurs since 1986. The Limoncello is made by using only the skins of the “Limone Costa d’Amalfi" variety of lemon, without the addition of any colouring agents or preservatives.

If you have never tried a high quality Limoncello, this is your chance to drink a truly fantastic and unique Italian liqueur.