Cuvée Auslese, Tschida

Type: Sweet Wine
Style: Sweet Wine
Vintage: 2018
Grape Variety: Chardonnay, Traminer, Welschriesling
ABV: 8.5%
Bottle Size: 75cl
Pairing Notes
Wine Notes
Medium Sweet
Flavours Apricot, Dried Fruits, Marmelade
About the wine

The Tschida Cuvée Auslese is a sweet white blend made by a true expert in sweet wines on the shores of Lake Neusidl, Austria. Austrian sweet wine has its fans around the world, and we are certainly one of them for the sheer quality they offer at this price point. Notes of baked apple, Turkish delight and orange marmalade jump out of the glass and call you to take a sip. The palate is concurrently sweet and fresh with stewing white berry fruit accompanying peach syrup and rosewater notes. Mouth-covering and moreish, the acidic backbone brought to the blend by the Welschiesling make this a truly delicious dessert wine that is an absolute steal! Enjoy with pastry-based desserts, an Apple Strudel would be a brilliant match. Will also accentuate and harmonise many strong cheeses, including the ripest of blues!

A blend of Welschriesling, Chardonnay and Traminer, the grapes for this Austrian dessert wine have been affected by noble rot. The warm, foggy autumns in this area of Austria are perfect for the onset of the bacteria botrytis cinerea and in the hands of Angherhof Tschida, the grapes take on only its best characteristics. Concentrating the sugars in the grape, the bacteria imparts the marmalade and earthy characteristics that give a level of complexity that is so sought-after in dessert wines these days.

About the wine

This Cuvée Auslese (meaning a blend of grapes affected by noble rot) is fermented and aged for 6-9 months in stainless steel, to help settle the flavours and bring the structure into balance. The Tschida winery in Neusidlersee is considered one of Austria’s best sweet winemakers by many, and this wine is a great introduction to their aromatically complex, perfumed but precise wines. Tschida makes a series of dessert wines in a host of styles, all the way up the sweet classification system, including the mythical Trockenbeerenauslese.