September | The Monthly Edit

Your September dose of seasonal picks - what to drink, what to cook with and where to eat. Welcome to our latest edition of Sociovino's monthly picks, this month focusing on sustainability, celebrating wineries and distilleries with an eye to the future - small producers, big flavours, low impact and still no fuss. We're also celebrating the latest edition to the Sociovino famiglia - our Seasonal Subscription, which launched at the start of the month.

5 Minutes with...Anton Rodriguez

Meet Anton Rodriguez, photographer to some of London's biggest names - from top restaurants, including Lyle's, Manteca, and Flor, to top Chefs, Actors and brands with one thing in common: impeccable taste. We've been lucky enough to work alongside Anton with Sociovino, so we wanted to get to know the man behind the camera a little better.

George Williams AKA Fed By George | Our Autumn Chef

Over lockdown, chef George Williams went from sitting on his sofa wondering how to spend his time, to delivering thousands of...

Organic Wine: 6 Myths Debunked

With sustainability sitting front of mind, as more and more people make conscious decisions when it comes to their environmental impact, organic wine sales are on the rise. We're here to debunk the many myths that have grown up around organic wine - here's what drinking organic does and doesn't mean.

The Best Bottles for your Barbecue - Red, White & Rosé

With only a few weeks of barbecue season remaining, here are our team's tips for the best bottles to pair with the delights coming off your grill before it's time to box it up for Autumn.

Culture Sip: Aileen Agar at the Whitechapel Gallery

In this segment of the Culture Sip, we’re exploring exhibitions that place the spotlight on seminal artists, finding wines that we think pair well with the paintings and personalities on display. We've kicked off with Aileen Agar's retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery - and a playful red that's perfect for a female artist kaleidoscopic in her style, use of colour and delicious sense of humour.

Producer Spotlight: Centopassi

The Mafia's influence over Italy's agricultural heritage is more significant than we know - and it's wreaking havoc for biodiversity and communites of farmers. We're lucky enough to work with a winery that's reviving land retrieved from the grips of organised crime - here's an introduction to Centopassi: where it came from, and what this winemaker has been doing to secure its status as one of Sicily's most-respected producers.

Producer Spotlight: Lagar de Costa

There are few vineyards in the world more 'coastal' than Lagar de Costa's. With some but a few metres from the Atlantic, they're home to Albariño vines averaging 40 years of age, cultivated by four generations of the Costa family. We caught up with Sonia, Head Winemaker and Co-Owner of the Lagar de Costa winery, to discuss the history of her family business, what makes their  wines so unique, and how the vines have entwined themselves into her family history.

Island & Coastal Wines - Worth Their Salt or Just a Drop in the Ocean?

Coastal wineries and island vineyards provide content for some delicious day-dreaming. But do these stunning, sun-soaked locations really make for particularly delicious drinking? We've explained the power of place in defining a bottle of wine and taken a trip from Sicily to Santorini to understand what makes these wines so unique.

August | The Monthly Edit

Your August dose of seasonal picks - what to drink, what to cook with and where to eat. Welcome to the first edition of Sociovino's monthly picks, aptly themed 'New Beginnings', celebrating all things mid-summer, from wines that guarantee new discoveries to a linguine recipe capturing the big flavour of produce freshly in season.

5 minutes with...Enzo Russomanno of Luca Restaurant, London

Meet our friends creating magic in all corners of culture, and pick up some tips from their favourite wines to their top restaurants. The first glass of our '5 minutes with...' series introduces Enzo Russomanno, Head Sommelier at London's Luca Restaurant. From his recent food & drink experiences to why he started working in wine in the first place.

Producer Spotlight: Cantina Terlano

We sat down with Cantina Terlano's Klaus Gasser to discover what makes Alto-Adige wines so unique - and how Cantina Terlano continue to produce some of the best Italian white wines in the world (alongside some delicious travel tips for exploring one of Italy's most beautiful regions).