Liquore Lampone (Raspberry Liqueur), Antica Distilleria Quaglia

Type: Liquore
ABV: 25.0%
Bottle Size: 70cl
About this Liquore

A bright ruby red liqueur, characterized by the sweet note of fruit and a delicate floral scent. Perfect for those who love sweeter aromas and a slight perception of alcohol. A sumptuous elixir for meditation, which also lends itself very well to the preparation of original cocktails.

Traditional Piedmontese raspberry liqueur produced using only fresh raspberries, all collected in Piedmont. The product, whose base can only be prepared in the summer since it is relies on fresh fruit, is starts with crushing the fresh raspberries and macerating them in an infusion with alcohol, the liquid is drained off using fabrics and the remaining solids are pressed to extract all the possible juices out and give the typical color and flavor to the product. The infusion is then left to rest in steel tanks before being added to a liqueur base of water, alcohol, sugar and spices and finally being bottled.