Liquore di Bergamotto (Bergamot Liqueur), Antica Distilleria Quaglia

Type: Liquore
ABV: 35.0%
Bottle Size: 70cl
About this Liquore

A beautiful bergamot liqueur from artisan Piedmontese producer Antica Distilleria Quaglia. The luscious citrus fragrance on the nose is mirrored on the palate with additional light floral notes and a hint of balsamic. The vanilla gives the liqueur a comforting softness and roundness and wraps up the spices and zesty bergamot in an overall elegance.

Only freshly-picked bergamot oranges are used for this stunning liqueur. The peel is infused in the alcohol along with vanilla and a mix of other warm spices. Perfect at the end of a meal served chilled as an accompaniment to puddings and pastries.