Erbaluce di Caluso 'Cariola', Ferrando

Type: White Wine
Style: Rich & Complex
Vintage: 2019
Grape Variety: Erbaluce
ABV: 12.0%
Bottle Size: 75cl
Pairing Notes
White Meat
Wine Notes
Flavours Apricot, Peach, Wet Stones
About the wine

What a gem the Ferrando Erbaluce di Caluso is. Erbaluce is one of those grape varieties that you’ve never tried before, but as soon as you have, you’ll be telling your friends about. Only found in this tiny corner of Alto Piemonte, in an area called Canavese on the border with Val d’Aosta, it’s a white grape that produces food friendly wines with high acidity, fleshy citrus and stone fruit notes, with a mineral and dried herb undertone that make it mouth-smacking and delicious. Ferrando’s Erbaluce ticks all of these boxes, with a bright and floral nose of swirling lemons, white nettle fruit and wet stones leading to a palate that is round, and incredibly bright with peach flesh, lemon peel and nettle flavours. It crescendos into a refreshing, mineral finish. A super drop that will have you thanking yourself for broadening your wine catalogue and trying this wine. Versatile when pairing thanks to the acidity and concentrated fruit, but a reliable suggestion would be grilled chicken breast with a green salad, or pasta primavera.

About the wine

Harvest for these grapes comes at the end of October, which, because of their natural high acidity, means that the grapes are able to develop ripe fruit characteristics without compromising structure. This Piedmontese white wine is then fermented and refined in stainless steel before bottling. Ferrando is a family winery based in the town of Carema, in Alto. Here, fifth generation Roberto Ferrando cultivates these mountain vineyards and produces exquisite, elegant and pronounced wines from this unforgiving terroir. Only years of expertise and dedication can produce such beautiful wines, thank you Ferrando!