Coffee Brandy, Villa Zarri

Type: Brandy
ABV: 40.0%
Bottle Size: 50cl
About this Brandy

Dark mahogany in colour, the Coffee brandy combines the chocolatey aromas and flavours of the unusual mix of coffee and those of the wine distillate. The aromas and flavours are a delicious marriage of sweetness and bitterness with a mixtures of toffee, warm spices, roasted coffee and coconut milk. A perfect match with plain chocolate and excellent with ice cream. Ideal to be savoured at the end of a meal as a digestif at room temperature or in the summer with ice cubes.

This liqueur is obtained by means of infusion. The Trebbiano wine brandy which has been aged for 6 years in French oak barrels, is infused with three high-quality coffees: an Indian coffee, and Arabic coffee and a very low-acidity coffee called ‘Plantation A’. The Infusion lasts for a few days, during which the ground coffee passes on flavours and aromas to the brandy. Water is then added to adjust the alcohol level to the required percentage, along with a little sugar to soften the bitterness of the coffee. The infusion is filtered and allowed to rest for at least one year before bottling.