Cherry Brandy, Villa Zarri

Type: Brandy
ABV: 40.0%
Bottle Size: 50cl
About this Brandy

This cherry brandy boasts a bright ruby red colour with lively copper shades. Aromas of ripe, warm red fruits, vanilla and spice, it is full and enveloping on the nose. On the palate, the cherry flavours are beautifully intense and the sweet spices are complemented by a slight citrus freshness and an underlying hint to tobacco and caramel. Very pure and well made, no added syrup so it’s a pure cherry flavour in with a good quality brandy.  

Unquestionably Italy's finest brandy producer, and the epitome of artisanal spirits production, Villa Zarri is based in Emilia Romagna with production dating back to the 16th Century.