Berto Aperitivo, Antica Distilleria Quaglia

Type: Liquore
ABV: 15.0%
Bottle Size: 1l
About this Liquore

Bèrto Aperitivo is a hand crafted orange peel infusion, made without a chemical in sight - a beautiful, natural alternative to Aperol, for the Spritz fans...

Bèrto is a range of premium quality vermouths, spirits and liqueurs by Antica Distilleria Quaglia. Established in the late 1800's, the Quaglia family have a long history in the Piedmont region of Italy for producing artisan products, drawing from their family recipes and traditions, whilst maintaining contemporary and modernising where needed.

This is a bright, young and vibrant Aperitivo liqueur with sweetness and bitterness in perfect balance. Alongside the botanical flavours and aromas of gentian root, rhubarb and orange peel, there are also delicate hints of ginger and Italian citrus fruits. It boasts a lovely weight on the palate; light and bright but with a certain roundness which harmonise and tone down with the classic bitterness. Perfect on it's own or as an essential ingredient for many Italian cocktail recipes.