Surrounded by picturesque rolling hills, Vinos Valtuille is a small, family-run winery in the Bierzo region of North-West Spain. At the helm are brother and sister team, Marcos and Elena García Alba. Their ancestors have farmed here for generations, and the siblings are determined to continue the family’s legacy as one of the last generational estates in the region. Investing substantially in their facilities and technical resources, the foundations are strong.

Marcos, the Winemaker and Viticulturalist, draws upon the knowledge and teachings passed down from their grandfather, Antonio. Like his Abuelo, Marcos is known for his meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering focus on producing wines of premium quality. Elena has taken on the role of General Manager and is responsible for sales and marketing. Together, they are steadily expanding their young winery year on year, driven by love for their ancestral land and a commitment to farming with respect, care, and appreciation for the environment.

Their vineyards are situated in Valtuille de Abajo, with 15 hectares of estate-owned grapes. The soil composition varies across their vineyard parcels, with clay predominant in the lower areas and sand in the higher plots. The climate in the region is continental with influences from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. Traditionally trained as bush vines, their Mencía grapevines are more than 85 years old. In line with their dedication to sustainable farming practices, the winery is in the process of converting to organic viticulture, refraining from the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Vinos Valtuille is undoubtedly a winery rooted in tradition and driven by a passion for crafting sustainable wines of premium quality, which remain stylistically true to the character of the Bierzo region.

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