The Verus winery was set up in 2007 by three friends, all of whom have long family histories of winemaking in Styria, Slovenia’s northeastern wine region. Today, Verus is the most dynamic winery in the area and they have become synonymous with the region. Known for their varietal white wines with natural acidity, precise fruit notes and wonderful purity, Verus should be on everyone’s must-try list for an off-the-beaten track alternative to the favourites in western Europe.


The towns of Jeruzalem and Ormož, about 200km east of Ljubljana, are nestled in the foothills of the Alps, near the borders with Austria and Hungary. The area is surrounded by steep slopes on which grapes have been cultivated for centuries. It is here that Božidar, Danilo and Rajko left their respective jobs working for local wine producers to set up Verus winery almost 15 years ago. Their complementing skillsets in winemaking, viticulture, and commercials were the perfect recipe for a new, quality-driven winery in the region.


Here, the Pannonian plain, the central European Alps, and the Adriatic sea all have an influence on the climate which is cool and continental. Large diurnal shifts and great differences between summer and winter temperatures allow varieties like Riesling and Furmint to shine. Verus has vineyards starting at 250m above sea level and often at inclines of 30-to-40%. This helps avoid spring frosts killing the berries, benefits the vines for poorer soil, and allows the vines to bask in the extended sunlight.


Working completely sustainably, the team at Verus take great care over their vines. Everything is hand-picked and the berries remain whole until the winery, preserving varietal purity and ensuring the cleanest, freshest wines. Their winemaking only ever consists of stainless steel as they believe in helping the grape express itself without any obstructions. The Verus Riesling and Verus Sauvignon Blanc are two of the very best value wines we sell, offering fruit intensity, balance, freshness and precision.

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