High on your list for Christmas this year might be items that leave the smallest footprints on our planet, be that through packaging, provenance, or production methods. We are passionate about sustainability, as are many of our producers and for this case of six bottles, we have selected bottles with maximum flavours for Christmas Day but that have minimal impact on the planet. From eco-pioneers, to humble organic farmers, this case celebrates the best of sustainable wine-making.

A small-batch, grower Champagne produced by three sisters under the Jean de la Fontaine label that has won awards for its sustainable production methods. Rich, fruit-forward with beautiful balance, this will kick your day off right.

From Sicily, an organic and minimal intervention white from the iconic Gulfi winery. No chemicals are added at any stage of this winemaking process and the result is an elegant, fresh, and floral white that will pair perfectly with any fish course.

Next up is a biodynamic Sancerre from the Loire Valley in France. Produced entirely with the planet in mind, following the cycles of the moon, this Sancerre is packed with citrus and green fruit character and boasts an incredible lift and length - a magical bottle.

For the first red, we suggest the eco-pioneering Salcheto and their Chianti. The first winery in the world to calculate the carbon footprint of a wine bottle, they use the lightest bottle ever made and the winery is entirely off-grid! The Chianti isn't bad either, juicy cherries, plums and a touch of spice.

The second red is a big, full-bodied Shiraz-Mataro blend from Clare Valley, Australia. Organic and biodynamic producer Adelina take a minimal intervention approach to all their wines, giving the utmost respect to their precious land. This red blend is full of juicy blackberry fruit, with some delicate leather and liquorice notes. Perfect for later on in the day when the cheese comes out...

Finally (or maybe firstly, depending on when you prefer to drink!), a Moscato d'Asti from Piedmont, Italy. Traditionally enjoyed with Panettone on an Italian Christmas, this sustainably produced, delectably sweet sparkling wine is perfectly indulgent for Christmas Day. Notes of elderflower, lychee, and ripe white grapes jump out of the glass and on the palate, well it's pretty heavenly.

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