Samaroli’s legacy began in 1968, defined by a focus that has remained consistent over the decades: blending the flavours from old spirits with the power of young ones, with the aim of rebuilding the spirits’ soul, in keeping with the philosophy of ageing.

Now one of the most prominent names in the world of whisky, Samaroli Bottlers began when they re-casked a selection of rare and renowned single malts and vatted whiskies into new oak. In doing so they transformed the spirits with age, adding a depth, complexity and flavour incomparable to any others on the market, attaching their recognisably artistic labels to complete the colourful personality of Samaroli’s spirits, and to confirm their unique status as the first non-British company in history to bottle single cask whiskeys in this way. Such innovation on the peninsula has led Samaroli Bottlers to the dizzying heights of one of the most acclaimed and influential spirits importers in Italy.

More recently Samaroli’s focus has turned to rum, importing high quality single cask and blended rums from South America for maturation alongside Samaroli whiskies in the cool climate of Scotland – ideal conditions for the aging of spirits, and adding further interest to a range of spirits produced with the utmost care and creativity. The Samaroli Demerara Vertical Rum is ‘whiskyish’, with a floral nose, piqued with paprika, ginger and strong spices that initiate a waterfall of exotic tones. A true intermingling of cultures.

Antonio Bleve took over Samaroli Bottlers in 2008, continuing its legacy in his role as both CEO and Master Blender producing spirits without a homeland, defined, instead, by their travels.

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