Located in Fiumane, the village famed for its amazing wines, we find Le Salette winery. At the heart of the Valpolicella wine region, Fiumano is known amongst fans of the region for the very best expressions of the many wines produced in the area.

Scamperle is a family name that has become synonymous with Amarone of the highest strata. Today, Franco Scamperle runs Le Salette along with his son and daughter and they produce some of the most accomplished, expressive and balanced examples of Valpolicella, Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto that we have tasted.

Le Salette Valpolicella Classico is a bright and elegant style, fruit-forward with a light body and herbal complexity. The Le Salette Valpolicella Ripasso has structure, a plethora of fruit, concentration and length – a great pairing with red meat. The Le Salette Amarone Classico is a flagship wine, iconic in style for its freshness that so elegantly balances an otherwise full and rich style. Super-complex, it's a wine that will age beautifully over the next 10 years. If you’re looking for something extraordinary, then seek out the Amarone Classico Pergole Vece, a single vineyard Amarone wine that is the pinnacle of the region. Magical complexity with savouriness, fruitiness, spiciness and richness all in perfect harmony. A wine to be opened with time to spare and enjoyed over some great conversation.

The winery name, Le Salette, comes from a sanctuary that is built near the family’s vineyards. It’s a sanctuary that was set up in honour of the Virgin Mary after the Phylloxera pest was finally eradicated from European vineyards in the early 20th Century – a fitting tribute!

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