The Veneto, sprawled across the North East of Italy, is near incomparable in its climatic diversity, modernity and tradition of winemaking. So, in 2013, the Gran Passione projects was established in its homage, paying respect to the region’s longstanding history of trade and richness of wine culture.

Its aim was simple, in theory, but challenging, in practice. The Gran Passione winery sought to create wines of high quality that were both affordable and sufficiently representative in style to those made in the Veneto for centuries. Utilising traditional varieties in dialogue with international grapes, reflective of the cultural crossroads that define the region and its capital, Gran Passione honours long-established techniques to successfully produce beautiful expressions of classic Venetian wines.

The Gran Passione Veneto Rosso exemplifies a winemaking technique unique to the region – a region that remains one of the only winemaking areas in the world producing wines from dried grapes in any serious sense. Produced from a blend of dried, over-ripe Merlot and Corvina grapes, harvested late in the season resulting in fruits low in acidity and high in concentrated sugars, the Veneto Rosso is alluringly glossy in texture, rich and sweet in its fruit flavours. Adored for its beguiling sour cherry and fine spice notes, this red wine offers a velvety attack and a powerful palate, underpinned by a minerality that tantilisingly transports you to the city from which it was born. This is a Renaissance red – luxurious, lavish and with a level of refinement that’ll ensure its lasting allure.

Most recently we’ve introduced the Gran Passione Bianco, a blend of two grapes traditionally used across the Veneto for centuries. This Garganega and Pinot Bianco blend is fresh and bright, emboldened by a texture as rich as the cultural heritage it grew from.

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