Sergio Germano is quite the figure in Piedmontese red wine production. He proudly fronts his family’s historic winery Ettore Germano, one of the great names in the Serralunga commune of the Barolo growing region. Sergio Germano is the fourth generation in his family to make wine on their 6.6-hectare estate and thanks to his personality and dedication to constantly improve, Ettore Germano is producing their best wines to date (since we’ve been around anyway!).

In the last decade, Sergio Germano has changed his interpretation of Nebbiolo quite considerably and today, his Barolo wines are produced in the traditional way, with few interventions, elegant extractions and prolonged periods of ageing in large, Slavonian oak casks. The Barolo Serralunga from Ettore Germano is consistently one of our most sought-after Barolo’s for its beautiful elegance, power and complexity at an incredibly reasonable price. Germano has also acquired some new vineyards in two of Serralunga’s most prized sites, Lazzarito and Vignarionda which has allowed them to produce their own stunning examples of these esteemed areas.

Sergio Germano is a larger-than-life character whose personality transcends his wines, and his love for wine extends far beyond Nebbiolo. Ettore Germano has long produced one of the finest examples of Langhe Riesling around and Sergio also has a life-long passion for Champagne method sparkling wines. This has led him down the fascinating path to producing two delicious traditional method sparkling wines that we are proud to offer, the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Alta Langa and the 100% Nebbiolo sparkling Rosé ‘Rosanna’.

Serralunga d’Alba is one of the 11 communes that make up the Barolo wine region and it is known for producing the wines with the most power, structure and age-worthiness. It’s no easy feat, making elegant and expressive Barolos on what are some of the trickiest soils in the area. Ettore Germano navigate this with grace and produces some of the most iconic wines in the area.

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