Two idiosyncrasies define the Cantalupo winery and its wines: its location, in the Ghemme DOC that lies amidst the hills of Novarra Province, Alto-Piemonte, and its founder’s unshakeable faith in his native territory. It was these two pillars that have propped upped – and excelled – the winery since its founding in 1969, when Ghemme gained DOC status and the Arlunno family decided to replant their old vineyards, land which had been farmed by the Arlunno family since the 15th century, extend the area under vine and build a winery. On reflection, a brilliant idea; at the time, a risky one.

By 1969, demand for Nebbiolo was low, but Alberto’s decision to replant 34 hectares of land for Nebbiolo cultivation was underpinned by the winery’s location – and a passion for excellent winemaking. Thus, Ghemme’s Cantalupo winery has ridden and, in part, driven, the extraordinary trajectory of both Nebbiolo and Alto-Piemonte as a quality region in high demand. More so than other Alto-Piemonte regions, Ghemme enjoys what is considered an extraordinary geology. Its vineyards lie at around 400 metres above sea level, the highest vineyards on the eastern side of the Sesia river. Their soils possess a variety and complexity unlike its neighbours, comprising African, European and oceanic components, alongside rocks distributed by the Valsesia supervolcano and those brought down from the Monte Rosa by the Sesia river.

Such distinctive terroir makes for distinctive wines. Cantalupo’s Ghemme DOCG Colli Breclemae and Ghemme DOCG Colli Carellae display an enviable elegance, power and tannic severity that creates wines more full-bodied than those of its neighbouring Gattinara. These are wines produced from the Nebbiolo grape (locally named Spanna) that combine ageability with an alluring clarity of black cherry, lavender, truffle, mint, spice and new leather.

Working with grapes produced from land handed down between generations, the Cantalupo winery offers wines representative of its producers’ long-lasting belief in the land of Ghemme – and of the wider Alto-Piemonte. A belief increasingly shared by wine drinkers, buyer and producers across the globe.

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