Malbec, Alto de Mayo

Type: Red Wine
Style: Juicy & Smooth
Vintage: 2020
Grape Variety: Malbec
ABV: 14.0%
Bottle Size: 75cl
Pairing Notes
Red Meat
Wine Notes
Flavours Black Cherry, Eucalyptus, Violet
About the wine

Ever popular and for good reason. Malbec is the go-to red for those who love big, bold flavours and rich, full-bodied red wines! From high altitude vineyards in Argentina’s premium wine-producing region, Mendoza, comes this mature, yet approachable wine. Alto de Mayo Malbec is abundant in fruit character with cranberry, cherry, blackcurrant, and raspberry, followed by a hint of chocolate and spice. Super smooth, round, and full-bodied, with a silky finish.

Alto de Mayo is named after the mountain in which the vineyards for this wine are situated. The high altitude means the grapes get a lot of sun exposure as well as protection from the surrounding mountains, which are perfect conditions for growing quality Malbec. Alto de Mayo hand pick the grapes for this 100% Malbec wine, making sure only the best quality are selected and nothing gets damaged in the process. The use of whole berries in Mendozan winemaking gives for juicy, ripe, and refreshing fruit character. The wine is fermented in stainless steel at a controlled temperature and released young as a vibrant, fruit-forward, easy-drinking style.

About the wine

The perfect mate for your steak. We always say that wines are best when matched with local foods and here is a prime example. Fire up the grill and have yourself a traditional Argentine Asado (the Argentinian barbeque), red meat grilled over an open flame is the perfect match for this Argentinian Malbec wine.