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Organic Whites

Organic Whites

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A case of six white wines, all either certified or practicing organic. 

The producers of wines in this case are all pioneers, going against the grain in traditional wine regions to produce wines that have the utmost respect for the environment. All expertly crafted, this case takes you on a journey around Europe and through many different wine styles.

2019 Grillo-Cattarrato Giato Bianco, Centopassi - Sicily, Italy
Like a sip of Sicilian sunshine. A classic white blend from the sunshine isle, this has notes of white peach, white blossom and lemon zest. A round mouthfeel and fresh, citrussy finish.

2018 Sancerre Silex, Francois Le Saint - Loire Valley, France
If Sauvignon Blanc is your thing, then you should be familiar with Sancerre. If you're not then may you start here and enjoy. On the flinty soils of the Silex region of Sancerre, the wines take on an unmistakeable minerality that some people call wet stone and others call steel. This is accompanied by intense citrus and stone fruit character that weave and linger for a beautiful glass of wine

2018 Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Cesani - Tuscany, Italy
Famous within Italy, relatively unknown without, this is Tuscany's primary white wine. Think nettles, tight green and yellow fruits with a structured backbone and concentrated finish. This is the perfect wine to accompany young cheeses and shellfish starters.

2018 Rotgipfler, Johanneshof Reinisch - Thermenregion, Austria
Warmed by the thermal spas running underground, the whites from Thermenregion develop magically ripe and honeyed fruit characters. This has notes of honeyed lemon, dried peach and fresh apricot all in one. On the finish it almost sparkles with character as the warmth and roundness lingers in the mouth.

2018 Orvieto Classico 'Tragugnano', Sergio Mottura - Lazio, Italy
A sweet fruit nose, with ripe melon notes accompanying lemon blossom. On the palate wild flowers give way to dried herbs that develop as the bottle opens up. Bone dry and super-refreshing, this has a roundness that will stand up to most appetisers and first courses.

2018 Obvius Bianco, Salcheto - Tuscany, Italy
For fans of Natural Wines or those interested to try, this is a wine that has undergone no chemical processes after fermentation, including no sulphur added at bottling. This means that the fresh fruit character is paired with a nutty, almost earthy note that comes through on the finish. This is savoury and wild but we think it's mouthwatering and super-tasty.