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The Smooth and Fruity One

The Smooth and Fruity One

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A case of six red wines

Juicy and refreshing red fruit notes with a smooth mouth feel and a subtle complexity. How does that sound? Good? We thought so! That’s what you can expect from the reds in this case, all coming from some of the classic red wine regions around the world.


2019 Sangiovese, Caparzo - Tuscany, Italy
This smooth, easy drinker is packed full of ripe fruit and berry fruit flavour, with a touch of spice adding to the warmth of the palate. Perfect with Tomato based pasta sauces.

2019 Malbec, Alto de Mayo - Mendoza, Argentina
Ever-popular and for good reason. The use of whole berries in Mendozan wine-making gives many of the Malbec a juicy, ripe and refreshing fruit character. Raspberry, cranberry and cherry give way to an almost cinnamon like note. This is round and smooth on the finish.

2019 Corvina, Monte Tondo - Veneto, Italy
Most famous for its part in Valpolicella, Corvina is a red grape that gives light-bodied, refreshing and herbal red wines. This has notes of strawberry, raspberry and cranberries with dried thyme and mouth-watering finish. Perfect with some charcuterie.

2019 Sangiovese-Merlot, Ortonese - Puglia, Italy
Fruit driven with cherries, prunes and a touch of vanilla. Easy to drink on its own, also excellent with salami and other antipasti, red meat and cheeses. 

2018 Primitivo, Mezzogiorno - Puglia, Italy
One of Southern Italy's most famous wine exports, Primitivo has made a name for itself in recent years for offering amazing value for money. This has bundles of juicy and spicy black berry character. A freshness balances the warm mouthfeel and it finishes with a subtle, savoury note.

2015 Roseline Syrah, Ormonde - Darling, South Africa
A ripe and generous Syrah from the South African cape. This has concentrated black berry and black cherry flavours with vanilla and charred notes. It is full-bodied and rich with a juicy refreshing finish. Pair with some slow cooked lamb.