The Traisental region, situated to the south of the Danube river, is Austria’s youngest wine region and it is home to the dynamic Huber winery where Markus Huber now runs his family’s estate. It is fair to say that Grüner Veltliner is the white grape that Austria has made its own and nowhere do you find more plantings than in Traisental where this spicy, aromatic grape truly thrives. Markus Huber took over the winery from his father in the mid-00s and, after years of studying and dedication to the vines and winery, has taken it to new heights.


The Huber winery is somewhat of a Grüner specialist, producing wines from the grape in a series of quality levels. Austria has a ‘First Growth’ type classification system in some of its wine regions, with the best wines from the best vineyard sites being awarded Erste Lage status. Huber produces a host of these esteemed Erste Lage wines that are worthy of every fine wine collection, with concentration, balance, power and elegance all weaved into their stunning, aromatic white wines.


The climate in the Traisental DAC (the Austrian version of AOC or DOC/G) is quite unique and there are several factors that make it perfect for the slow ripening of complex, aromatic grape varieties. Here, the cold air from the Pannonian Alps meets the warm air from the Danube Valley and the Adriatic Sea creating huge temperature swings from day to night in the ripening season, this helps the grapes stay on the vine for longer without losing acidity and developing strong, concentrated fruit aromas.


Markus Huber’s Grüner Veltliner Terrassen is a cracking example of the grape variety, showcasing all of its Austrian power and freshness while the Huber Zweigelt Rosé is a beautiful, elegant option for the warmer months that you’ll spot in lots of London parks. The Huber winery is organic certified and vegan certified.

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