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The Elegant and Refined One

The Elegant and Refined One

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A case of six red wines

For the Pinot Noir fans. Pinot Noir is often looked to as the most elegant red grape but here we have compiled a case of wines that give Pinot Noir a run for its money. Cool regions across Italy and beyond are using their own grapes to make wines with freshness, delicate yet concentrated fruit notes alongside complexity and refinement. 

2019 Wien.2, Pfaffl - Weinviertel, Austria
A fruit-forward and subtly complex blend of Pinot Noir and Zweigelt from the wine region just outside of Vienna. This has juicy strawberry and cranberry notes which are complemented by some oaked spice flavours that come through on the palate. An elegant and balanced finish make this the perfect match for a lamb shank.

2019 Valpolicella Classico, Le Salette - Veneto, Italy
Italy's famed, elegant red that is light on its feet but pure and precise. Notes of fresh raspberries and cranberries fill the palate and underneath there is a delicate dried herb note. Lifted and bright, this will pair perfectly with cured meats and antipasti dishes.

2019 Chianti 'Biskero', Salcheto - Tuscany, Italy
This organic Chianti spends little time in oak, unlike many of its Tuscan siblings. This gives the Sangiovese grape the chance to express its pure red cherry and plum character and a delicate spiced finish. Smooth, ripe and fresh this will accompany a Pasta al Ragù just perfectly

2019 Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato, Montalbera - Piedmont, Italy
Mostly unknown outside of its fanbase, Ruché is a magical red grape found only in the rolling hills of Piedmont. Magical for its aromatic qualities that are usually reserved to white wines. This has notes of rose petal, violets and wild strawberry, black pepper, raspberry and cherry. Chill it slightly and enjoy with duck!

2019 Costa della Sesia 'Rossonoah', Noah - Piedmont, Italy
Nebbiolo isn't often made in a way that makes it approachable when young. This example, however, from the married couple behind Noah is different. Blended with other Piedmontese varieties, this is packed full of fresh red fruit character and a hint of forest fruits. It's got an earthy note too which makes it an ideal match for a grilled beef steak.

2019 Recantina, Serafini & Vidotto - Veneto, Italy
If you've heard of Recantina then you must be a wine buff. Almost extinct only 15 years ago, Serafini are credited with bringing this grape variety back from the dead. This has bundles of dark berry character, blackberries and blackcurrants, which give way to peppery spice and a leather-like note. Enjoy on its own or with roast lamb.